Our program at Possums' Den.


At Possums’ Den the learning possibilities are endless. We embrace current knowledge that children learn best through play. Innovative, supportive programs are carefully planned around each child’s strengths and interests to challenge and extend all levels of learning.


Our relaxed rhythm of the day allows children to choose experiences that are meaningful to them. Educators are available to facilitate and extend these experiences through sensitive interactions. Our program embraces children’s holistic development with emphasis on social confidence, resilience and love for learning to build a platform for future success and a smooth transition to primary school.



We give a lot of thought and attention to the aesthetics of the indoor and outdoor environment of the centre. Small learning areas are available inside and outside to encourage play and friendships as well as providing places for contemplation.


A variety of natural and manmade play materials are always available to children to stimulate their imagination and engage them in discovery based learning. We place great emphasis on play equipment that is non-prescriptive, open-ended and can be used in many ways depending on children’s imagination. 



Our indoor environment is open, fresh and inviting. We maximise the space to create learning areas that encourage small groups of children to play together and explore concepts of literacy, numeracy and science.


These areas are well equipped with an extensive set of wooden building blocks, musical instruments, art and craft materials, books, puzzles, puppets and dolls. We provide play silks for dress-ups and utilise collections of seed pods, shells, small gem stones and log rounds to extend children’s creativity and imaginative play.



The large undercover verandah provides a relaxed space for meal times, drawing, painting, cubbies, games and construction. It also houses our studio where children are exposed and supported to explore a wide range of quality art materials and techniques.  


In the playground the many trees, plants and natural ground surfaces create a pleasant play area with separate spaces for small and large groups and for quiet and vigorous experiences.

Thinking Books


Children’s interactions, learning and development is documented in an individual portfolio called a “Thinking Book”.  This record of children’s time and progress at our service is conscientiously maintained by educators and regularly shared with families for their input.