Parent testimonials


Here are some of lovely things that we have heard from parents. 

"Our son is so happy at Possums' Den, he adores the teachers, has established some great friendships, and we could not be happier.


The positive, relaxed, caring environment at Possums' Den is a credit to the amazing staff. I am constantly in awe of the genuine interest and care they give to our kids on a daily basis.


Some days when I drop the kids off, I wish I could stay there myself!" 

Alex Miller

"Having my children attend Possums' Den has been the best decision for our family, with such a strong emphasis on social and emotional learning my children have been supported to flourish in their own time!


The Educators of Possums' Den are a credit to Early Childhood Education with a true passion for children's best interests and natural play based learning; it is a caring, highly dedicated and professional environment.


Possums' Den has provided my children with the foundations they need to become lifelong learners! And it will always be a special place to us."

Tracey Throncroft


"I want to thank all the staff for the amazing care and support they provide to my daughter. I feel very grateful to have gained a spot for her at such a special preschool, where excellence in care is exceeding and where staff strive to provide learning through play and connection.


Staff at Possums Den, are also constantly learning and developing themselves to ensure the centre offers best practice and that the staff are the best they can be."

Kim Luckie

"Possums’ Den has been the most wonderful preschool for my son.  The educators have a wealth of experience and they focus on the individual needs of each child.


As soon as you walk in the door, you feel a sense of calm and control.  The children are given a wonderful environment with everything they need to explore and develop at their own pace. 


There is a real sense of caring, belonging and inclusion when you are a child at Possums’ Den. That inclusion is extended to parents.  Staff and families are friendly and welcoming. We feel lucky to be part of it."

Sue Sage

"Possums' Den came to us highly recommended by several people. From the minute I walked in to get more information about the place, I felt welcomed and comfortable. I knew this was going to be a special place for our family and I was not disappointed.


Our son was always going to have issues settling in and being left somewhere, however the caring way in which the staff dealt (and still deals) with this blew me away.


The staff at Possums' Den acknowledge our child's feelings and comfort him in a way a real family does. I was able to walk away from my upset child feeling as though he was in loving hands.


This was, and is, the case with every staff member at Possums' Den. They really do go above and beyond. As my husband says, 'it's like they are there because they genuinely love and enjoy each and every child, not because it's their job' and that's exactly why we love Possums Den and look forward to our daughter attending in the future."

Alice Webber


"Possums' Den provides a wonderful learning environment that is nurturing, loving and like home in all of the very best possible ways.


The staff expertise goes beyond professionalism, their care and love for each and every child is clearly visible, they are INCREDIBLE!


After our first traumatising drop off, I felt 100% confident and have not looked back. A wonderful beginning for children going from a home environment then onwards to start the school journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Possums' Den.

Natalie Aichroy

"We have been lucky enough for both our children to attend Possums Den.

We love the staff, their consistency and their passion towards continual education and professional development in order to develop themselves and expand on their already vast knowledge.


We feel they have given our children a wonderful sense of self by allowing individuality, creating safety and by empowering them to know their worth. They have inspired many conversations and activities in our home and are always willing to collaborate with us as a family in order to help us all grow. Thankyou Possums Den."

Anna Scott

"Once upon a time (with my two year old daughter in tow), I dropped my son at Possums' Den. I was about to leave when suddenly, my kids started bickering over some object. It got messy, there was violence, snatching, screaming, and tears.


How to handle this in front of all these people??? I was having one of those mornings... They weren't listening to me and I just felt like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Holding back the tears, I sat on the floor and threw my hands in the air.


One of the educators soon came to the rescue. I watched in awe as she glided over calmly, lovingly and gently nutured my kids, tending to their needs, rubbing their tummies and wiping away tears. She gave my little one a teddy and sat the big one on the beanbag with a good book. It was at the moment, I truly realised that my kids were in the right place.

Alex Miller

"I am always greeted with warmth and kindness when I walk into Possums' Den. The teachers all seem to be working there because they really care about the children.


The convenient location, extended hours and emphasis on parental interaction with the centre were definite draw cards in choosing to send our daughter to Possums Den.


We feel fortunate that our daughter is a part of Possums Den. Our daughter has really grown as an individual since starting at this centre. Some days she requires more attention than others and they always seem to be aware of her needs.


Our daughter has made some wonderful friends and enjoys the relaxed environment which Possums' Den has to offer. The focus on social behaviour is a breath of fresh air compared to some centres we have attended in the past. Thank you for taking such good care of her."

Heidi Lindsay